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200 patrons. wow

I am genuinely surprised to be here writing this. I originally started this entire thing in 2018 on Etsy drawing animals. I think my first design ever was a rhino svg. At that time, I was working for a company on the CAD side of things. Sales took off on Etsy at the end of that year and I was able to slowly transition out of that job to draw more. This of course grew into Facebook, Shopify, and finally, Patreon. Alot has changed from 2018; And I have been on quite the journey. To all those that were there from the start [and had to experience me learning how to actually run a business while also being the artist, marketer, and… well everything else], thank you for sticking with me. To those who have just found me, welcome and I hope you stick around! I think I hit a crossroads last year and I am happy with the path I chose for 2023.

For me, there really isn’t a greater feeling than seeing people appreciate your work enough to follow along and be a part of the journey. I am humbled by the amount of who support me monthly as I try and grow a thing that is sustainable and mutual for all of us. 200 patrons is not just a number, it represents a community of people who believe in my work and are willing to stick with it as I shift directions in style and themes. I am so grateful for everyone who has chosen to support me and the designs I make. My first real try on Patreon started in September; And now we are here. Thank you. It is only because of your support that I am able to keep doing this.

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